About Tjitze

Tjitze de Jong
B.S W. (Social Work)
I.T.E.C. (massage)
Graduate: Barbara Brennan Healing Science
Graduate: Advanced Studies Barbara Brennan Healing Science

(formerly known as teacher training)

After making a conscious choice to finish my Social Work career (mainly working in crisis settings during and after gaining a Dutch degree in 1989), I started a private practice in massage and healing in 1994. Over the years work developed along the following principles:

Discomforts are more often than not caused by being emotionally, physically and spiritually out of balance.
Body, mind and spirit form an intertwined unity: only treating the body relieves symptoms but does not touch the root of the disease; only treating the mind leaves body and spirit behind; only treating the spirit can make the individual detach him/herself from emotional and physical reality. All aspects require healing for lasting health and happiness. This approach, in conjunction with further study, has enabled me to develop my own techniques over the years, often with amazing results, so much so that clients frequently travel hundreds of miles. And please be aware that, due to demand, I frequently have a waiting list.
Graduating from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Florida in 2001 was followed 6 years later by graduating from the advanced studies programme which replaced the teacher training in Brennan Healing Science. Inspired by the in depth quality of this particular healing modality I founded T E C H S: Tjitze's Energetic Cellular Healing School.
To me it feels like a huge privilege to work so closely with students and clients alike and to witness individuals' processes of graceful unfoldment time and time again.


Every now and then I am spreading the work into other countries and continent. Especially the visits to England, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Brazil and Cape Town proved very successful. No more destinations are in the pipeline at this very moment, but the universe will direct me, no doubt.


5 half hour interviews are open to viewing on youtube:
Glenn Moore - Passion Interviews
Number one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlJaUZ38Zck&feature=youtu.be
Number two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCqPCqS7Ljg
Number three: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYFCVKHDMdE
Number four: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vQwVYMqfFo
Number five: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqNG5TCMwVU

Enjoy. Altogether these five provide you with more insights into my work than could ever be achieved through writing.

Below is an article, published in Findhorn's weekly magazine 'Rainbow Bridge' several years ago:

From free sessions at Samye-ling


Tjitze's Energetic Cellular Healing School

Living in Findhorn from '89 to '93 I took 2 massage courses. Just for the fun of it. No serious intent.

In '93 I moved to Samye-ling in Eskdalemuir and in the farmhouse was a treatment room full of mud and dung. Facilities have much improved since then. There I gave massages for free and by donation. Just for fun no serious intent.

Response was so positive, that I decided to rent a cottage in the area, print business cards and buy a treatment couch. Finances permitted me to live for 1 year with little income. After 10 months my thought was "Oops, it ain't gonna work". An interveiw with the Annandale Observer changed all that. Fun remained. Intention started to shift.

During the same time a bald-headed man asked if he could join me in Carlisle on a terrace in the sun for a cup of coffee. We clicked and Dan Russell invited me to set up a clinic in his Atlas Works, then a huge filthy mess, now a thriving complementary health centre in Carlisle. Fun remained. Intention got serious.

Whilst only performing massage, strange phenomena occurred spontaneously and client's health and well-being improved way beyond what could be expected. Reputation grew and people drove up to 100 miles for a session.

In Lockerbie library I found Barbara Brennan's book "Hands of Light", explaining these strange phenomena. A fortnight after finishing the book I attended in Denver an introductory weekend to her school and found my calling, my niche. Calculating the immense financial cost of the four year study, I was forced to put it on hold. With serious intent and most of the time a lot of fun I gave between 20 and 25 massages a week and saved. Interviews with for example News and Star and BBC Radio Cumbria secured an ever full diary and waiting list.

In 2001 I graduated and moved back to Findhorn and in 2007 as teacher of Brennan Healing Science followed after 30 USA and 6 Germany trips. Fun remains. My intention to do the work is focussed and strong. Clients now travel from all over Western Europe for treatments and teachings.

This is my journey over the last 18 years resulting in running a healing and retreat centre in a beautiful tranquil location, in living a life fully dedicated to supporting clients in empowering themselves, in organising workshops including TECHS, a 7 week diploma course in healing techniques and cellular awareness.

It's a good life, a fun life, a full life and I thought you might find it interesting and inspiring to read.