Most people who are being diagnosed with a serious disease, be it c..... or another illness, will initially be shocked to receive such news. Once they have taken in the diagnosis though, the chance of recovery can be largely influenced by the way an individual perceives the illness with regard to their life. There might even have been an expectation of being confronted with a serious disease in their lifetime in the first place. Do people’s general attitudes and expectations veer towards seeing cancer as an adventurous journey of self-discovery? Or does the mind veer towards a doom and gloom scenario?

   The answers to these questions are of vital importance.
   “Energetic Cellular Healing and C..... – Treating the Emotional Imbalances at the Root of Disease” discusses questions like the ones above in great detail. Fifteen years of experience in energetic healing and c..... have brought me a wealth of insights in the why, what and how of the onset of c..... and its possible cure. The mind plays a crucial role as do emotions. In this article I aim to present you with a brief summary.
   As a Dutch qualified Social Worker I left society’s system behind in 1993 and started my own massage clinic. After reading Barbara Brennan’s book “Hands of Light”, I studied with her for six years and found my calling. Massage turned into energetic healing.
   What does it entail, energetic healing?
   Everything in and around us is energy, is in constant motion and vibrates. Even the seemingly solid oak table top on which my laptop rests is energy, is in motion and vibrates. All matter is energy. All life is energy. For life to continue its biological cycle of death and resurrection to guarantee the survival of the various species, this vibrational motion is essential. Life ceases to exist without vibration and death follows.
   The same counts for people. The species Homo Sapiens is unable to sustain itself without vibrational energy. We are aware of our physical anatomy. We are less or not at all aware of our energetic anatomy. It exists nevertheless and consists of an aura or energy field in and around our physique and of chakras joined together through the so-called Vertical Power Current. A chakra (Sanskrit word, meaning “Wheel of Light”) is a vortex of energy absorbing vital life force from the universal energy fields all around us. When a chakra rotates less or not at all, less or no vital life force is being absorbed and physical life reduces in vitality, compromising our immune system.
   Try not to underestimate the importance of the previous sentence. People like Barbara Brennan, Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden, to name but a few pioneers, have gradually been able to prove scientifically how subtle vibrations affect our energetic bodies and how the relatively recently discovered DNA strands are directly influenced by our mood, our emotions, our energetic vibrations.
   Therein lies the key, together with decades of observing clients, to the statement in the introduction of my publication:
   “The causes of c..... are 90% psychosomatic. Or should that be 95%? 98%? 100%?”
   Positive moods and pleasant emotions enhance our immune system by opening our energetic bodies to absorb the higher vibrational frequencies of joy, pleasure, love, kindness etc. 
   Negative moods and unpleasant emotions reduce the immune system by (partly) closing our energetic bodies to the lower vibrational frequencies of fear, anger, grief, guilt, etc. Chakras begin to vibrate less or become still and the aura becomes denser, cloudier and creates energetic blocks.
   If such discrepancies last for a short period only, no lasting damage occurs. If energetic imbalances remain in place for any length of time, gradually a certain section of the physical body is being depleted of life enhancing vitality. This is the root cause of a psychosomatic symptom. It can equally turn into the root cause of c......
   “Energetic Cellular Healing and C.....” relates 13 real life stories from actual clients along with in-depth descriptions and explanations of the various energetic blocks the person has embodied as a result of emotional and mental imbalances. A description of the process during sessions portrays the often delicately intimate cooperation between client and energetic healer. 
   I have included one story, because illustrations often bring more clarity than pure theory:

Diagnosed with breast c.....

Small in stature but big in personality—that was how Joanna struck me
when I first met her. Her most striking features were her eyes. They
were hidden behind a pair of round glasses and it was not that they were big,
but they were wide open, as if looking forward to our meeting, to meetings
in general, to life itself, to the future. Her stride was resolute, her posture
erect, her approach direct and open, her handshake firm. All in all, she oozed
confidence. This confidence may have developed through her job as a very
successful director in the corporate world in the North of England, or there
again, perhaps confidence had been a prerequisite for the job.
Her story is short and sweet. I include it here because it is uncomplicated
and straightforward—very much like the woman herself, with her come-on let's-
go-for-it attitude. As client/healer we met for a single series of treatments:
four appointments spread out over one week. To me, she was a classic example
of how easily and fast healing can occur when the physical body, emotional
release, mental attitude and spiritual faith are in alignment and only need
some support or clarification for sessions to be successful.
Roughly six months before we met, Joanna had discovered a lump in her
right breast, had had it examined, and discovered that it was, thankfully, a
benign cyst; unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), c..... activity was
discovered in the other breast. She underwent surgery, radiotherapy, and a
follow-up consultation was scheduled with the oncologist the following week
since he had suggested check-ups every six months.
Joanna’s mother had passed away when she was 19 years old. Partly in response
to this early loss, she had entered a convent and lived the life of a Catholic nun
for many years. The structured lifestyle of a convent, with a strict daily routine,
provides the perfect container for a person with a predominantly rigid defence. (Rigid defence refers to one of the five character defence structures according to Wilhelm Reich, which are explained in the book.)
It provided an ideal place to suppress any emotions she was feeling.
After a while, Joanna began to find religious life too restrictive. She realized
that her priorities had shifted and felt that her calling was preventing her from
living a fulfilling life. Once that realization dawned, she made the decision to
“jump over the wall”, as the saying goes. Not only did she leave the order but
she also stopped participating in any form of religion. The c..... scare had
changed all that, though, and she had now renewed her strong connection
with Mother Mary, in whom she found the support she needed to shoulder the
burdens the illness had thrust upon her.
During the intake, Joanna disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted at
14 years old. She had never really worked on the issue therapeutically, which
was evident to me when we started to work together.
Once I began to run energy through her body, I found that the right
side was severely blocked; in other words, a trauma was stored there and
preventing energy from flowing freely. It was impairing the right side of her
immune system and exposing the entire right side of her body to illness or
injury, due to the fragility of the body’s energetic buffer zone (one of the functions
of a healthy aura).
The right side of the body is the predominantly male side, the side of doing,
thinking, activities, work, analysis, and so forth. It is also the side where people
store unresolved issues with significant males in their lives such as their father,
brother, ex-partner, or husband. Joanna ticked that box.
She also had a closed fifth chakra, the throat chakra. The traumatic experience had
been suppressed for decades. Not a word had come up from the depths of her
traumatized sexual organs, through throat and mouth, to support trauma
release. Another telling symptom of the same experience is a tight shoulder
girdle. Shoulders, throat, and jaw hold onto and suppress the truth and expose
these parts to psychosomatic symptoms, such as sore throat, underactive or
overactive thyroid, grinding of the teeth, and so on—symptoms I come across
time and time again.
In the outside world, Joanna was a well-established career woman who
performed well and was involved in a stable, long-standing, intimate relationship.
Her internal world, however, showed a very different picture, symbolized
by years of frequent nightmares. Decades of suppressing her innermost
emotions had contributed to her becoming ill, and as a result of locking away
these deeply traumatic and humiliating experiences, she was experiencing
long-term stagnation of her life force. In a nutshell, this meant that her
energetic body was unable to radiate fully and her physical body was unable
to absorb energies essential for the upkeep of a vibrant immune system; as a
result, both bodies had become exposed to imbalances. This is the essence of disease: imbalance. Nothing more, nothing less.
Feelings of internalized, inaccessible rage were apparent in the pelvic area,
where I noticed dark energies brewing during our first session, but as yet there
was no outlet, no voice, and the shoulder girdle held on tightly. At the start of
session two, Joanna reported that she had had no nightmares the night before.
As part of the second treatment, I started to dislodge the relational cord from
her second (pubic/sacral) chakra, which was still attached to and connected
with the perpetrator. Suddenly the rigidly held, emotional dam burst, her
vocal cords were liberated, and the fifth chakra opened. Yelling and sobbing
and crying and shouting and raging for about a quarter of an hour released the
energetic block. The flow of energy had been reawakened on her right side,
and Joanna instantly felt calm and at peace.
She told me at the beginning of session three that she’d been crying buckets
after the second healing, so I worked on connecting heart and pubic/sacral
chakras (fourth and second). In combination with the intense release during
and after session two, all tension in her shoulders, throat, and jaw melted, and
she yawned repeatedly for at least half an hour.
The yawning happens automatically when the ligaments and tendons
surrounding the jaw joint let go of the habitual holding in of “inappropriate”
emotions. Such yawning is like jaw yoga. In my experience, this is the most
effective way of stopping the ingrained habit of grinding teeth. In Joanna’s
case, it was a clear sign that the emotional release was positively affecting the
physical structure. At the same time, her upper body spasmed involuntarily as
streamers of energy flushed the system, which was as yet unfamiliar with such
a surge of energy.
When Joanna arrived for the fourth and final session, she could not keep a
straight face and said that it was impossible to stop laughing and singing. Her
complexion looked at least 10 years younger than when we started, which had
been just five days earlier.
All of this is three years ago now. We’ve had no further sessions together.
However, she signed up for and completed the Bodies of Light certification
programme and was pure joy and fun to have as a student—bright as a bubble,
light of heart, kind and compassionate towards herself as well as others, deeply
questioning her inner process.
Did she manage to heal the root cause of her c..... in only four treatments?
Yes, is my unhesitating response. Sometimes that’s all it takes, when
everything comes together and falls into place in order to complete the jigsaw
puzzle of health.

Here ends Joanna’s Story.

   Because of ethical confidentiality, Joanna is not her real name. She travelled from the curse of feeling devastated and fearful about having being diagnosed with c..... to the blessing of manifesting her cure.
   Her blessing did not only entail the cure of c..... but also earlier psychosomatic symptoms like restless nights and nightmares she had been unable to deal with for years. Her c..... diagnosis became for Joanna that all too familiar wake-up call. In her drive to heal c....., she took action, delved deeply into her traumatic past, cured her c..... and simultaneously other psychosomatic symptoms. 
   Joanna’s Story is a short and straightforward one. Her decisive mindset created a mental template for emotions, stored for decades, to be released and thereby set her intention for healing on all possible levels, also on the physical level. She succeeded very much along similar lines to how she lived and still lives her daily life.
   Not every story is easy and simple. Healing on all possible levels often takes a change of mindset, a release of stored emotions and a certain level of adjustment of life’s circumstances. Because when psychosomatic symptoms occur and a diagnosis follows, life’s patterns of past or present have contributed to both symptoms and diagnosis. 
   Therefore, in order to heal physically these circumstances need adjusting and questions like the following require answers:
   Does the present relationship or marriage still serve you? Do you feel fulfilled in your job or career? Would you like to change something in your relationship with your children or parents? Do you live geographically in an area where you truly feel at home? Quite often questions of this kind are easy to answer. It’s frequently more of a challenge, though, to adjust sails to the wind and make necessary changes. 
   You’ve established a certain equilibrium during daily life. To make one or more changes can have far-reaching consequences, it can feel as if embarking on a journey towards an uncertain future. True, very true. But then again, a life with cancer also brings an uncertain future. If you have been diagnosed with c..... it’s not an enviable position to find yourself in.
   Hence, find support. You do not have to travel troublesome roads on your own. Support can come from near and dear ones and from professionals. 
   If you choose to ask a friend or family member for help, do make sure he or she can support you unconditionally and from as neutral a position as possible. No one close to you can be fully neutral, because often people in your social circle have a vested interested in the choices and decisions you make. Make sure that they wish nothing from you other than for you to improve your life, whatever that may take. Such a person is not always easy to find.
   If you choose professional help, it doesn’t imply that you decide to embark on a lengthy therapeutic journey. A few sessions can already help you over a stumbling block, after which you can stop treatments altogether or take a break until the next stumbling block arises. Make sure that you and your professional ‘click’ and that you fully trust him. Without trust no healing. Do remember, you pay him to serve you and you are not responsible for his well-being. 
   Most people who are being diagnosed with c..... get a shock initially, partly due to the reputation of c..... being a killer disease and partly due to the medical consultations and treatments which may lay ahead. Allow yourself to feel shocked initially. It’s a most human reaction. Once the dust settles, try and take stock and research what options are available to you. 
   C..... is not a death sentence. Healing on all levels can take place even when the client in question is knocking on death’s door. 
  ’Energetic Cellular Healing and C.....’ also tells Sylvia’s Story. She was incredibly weak after years of c...... Her lower 3 chakras and the lower 3 levels of her aura were disintegrating at some stage and she was dying energetically in front of my eyes. Physically she was skin over bone and in constant agonising pain. My spiritual guides told me in no uncertain term to ‘restructure’ and boomed the word ‘three times’ into my ears. I obeyed. Now, sixteen years later, Sylvia still plays and coaches tennis and travels the world. You can find her story on youtube: Sylvia Black – Life with C...... 
   Never think that you are ‘too far gone’ or that the c..... is too advanced for you to heal. Healing is always possible. There is always hope. What it takes for you to shift from an initial sense of curse to a sense of blessing, is inner work, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Only when these three aspects move towards a renewed sense of balance, your physical body can heal and leave the illness behind. Once healing has been achieved, life will never be the same. It isn’t meant to be. 
   Enjoy your life to the full.


Cellular Healing

A vital energy force flowing through all organic life that can be manipulated for healing the body and mind. Any of this sound familiar? 
Energy medicine, while considered in the West to be an alternative therapy not subject to rigorous evidence-based examination, clearly has a lot in common with traditional Chinese medicine. The supposed non-physical energy at the heart of it bears a strong resemblance to qi, and treatments are often similar to reiki and qigong healing.
Therapies that purport to treat this kind of theoretical energy field suffer from a credibility problem in Western medical circles. Regardless of how many practitioners claim the therapies work, and how many patients say they have benefited from them, the absence of solid scientific evidence remains a major stumbling block for many people. 
One such practitioner, Tjitze de Jong, who refers to himself as an energetic cellular healer (you'll also hear names including biofield energy healer, spiritual healer and contact healer), visited Hong Kong recently to conduct private healing sessions and courses. &#8232. His trip here was the first time he'd taken his practice away from the Findhorn eco-spiritual community in northern Scotland, where he attracts patients from around the world to a clinic that has been fully booked for the past 16 years. 
After starting his professional life as a crisis social worker in his native Netherlands, 20 years ago, de Jong, on the advice of a friend, went to Findhorn to take a short course in massage - and never left. That was partly because he felt at home there, and partly because he discovered he had a talent for massage. Within a year, he was fully booked as a massage therapist, attracting clients from more than 150 kilometres away to a small community 25 kilometres from the nearest town, served by just three buses a week. 
Then things got stranger. "During the massages, I started to see black strings from people's mouths, throats and bodies," he says. "I thought I was going crazy." Fortunately, looking through a local library, he found the spiritual healing classic Hands of Light, by American author and healer Barbara Brennan, which exactly described some of the phenomena he had seen. Within two weeks he was in Florida on a course at Brennan's School of Healing. 
When he opened his own clinic, the waiting list was soon up to a year. He returned to Brennan's school 30 times, graduating as a healer in 2001, and, in 2007, as a teacher of healing science, after which he opened his own Energetic Cellular Healing School. He claims some startling results among his patients. Energy here is defined as a life force, something that differentiates living from non-living objects, often conceptualised as a field, and it's completely different from the physical type of energy. That there is absolutely no scientific evidence for this type of energy's existence is something de Jong cheerfully admits, although other people's scepticism seems to frustrate him. 
Edzard Ernst, for example, the world's first professor of complementary and alternative medicine, at the University of Exeter, England, and a leading proponent of an evidence-based approach to alternative therapies, says that "healing continues to be promoted despite the absence of biological plausibility or convincing clinical evidence that these methods work therapeutically and plenty to demonstrate that they do not". In his book, Trick or Treatment, co-written with science writer Simon Singh, he adds: "At best it may offer comfort; at worst it can result in charlatans taking money from patients with serious conditions who require urgent conventional medicine." 
Perhaps part of the problem is the tendency of proponents and practitioners of energy medicine to use language almost calculated to infuriate fans of science. When treating a patient, de Jong says, as well as getting information verbally about their condition, he also closely observes "how their chakras and aura function", and then, via his touch, "the energy from around us energises and balances their field. It can be locally clearing and restructuring a chakra, aura or organ, or it can be spiritual surgery where a spirit guide works through me." He also claims to talk with sprites in the forest near his home. 
The energy field he manipulates, he adds, can be manipulated by anyone. "I never promise I can heal you. I don't heal. I'm the simple son of a Dutch pig farmer and I've got no specific skills. Anyone can do it. I learned it." 
Susan Jamieson, a qualified medical doctor who describes herself as an integrative specialist, using traditional Chinese and Indian medicine along with Western alternative practices as complementary treatments, was responsible for bringing de Jong to Hong Kong. While theoretically anyone can heal, she says, "anyone can play the piano - it's not complex - but some will be better at it than others." 
She sees her belief in de Jong's powers as empirical, because it's based on what appears to help people - for whatever reason. 
"As doctors, we have to be open to what benefits the patient and not bring our own prejudices to it," she says. "I'm a scientist and I don't want to endorse anything flaky. We can't say that Chinese medicine or acupuncture is rubbish - people do it, it works and it's ancient. We're recognising the qi force that the Chinese have recognised for centuries and trying to bring it within the framework of science. I think science is behind. We'll probably find out in 10 or 20 years how it works, but for the moment I don't need to know. It doesn't do any harm and it seems to help people." 
As ever with alternative therapies, however, perhaps the main harm it can do is to your bank balance. "Everything we do can be explained, but it goes into realms that can't be tested scientifically," adds de Jong. 
"Most people are not open to it - they're scared of it, because it's untouchable, unscientific. All you have to do is open up and become an instrument of it. It's been around for thousands of years." 
And still we're waiting for proof that it works.