Noni Juice

Noni is a fruit with extraordinary healing capacities, like aloe vera, papaya and seaweed for example. Their extracts have proven to contain ingredients that are enhancing oneís health, immune system & energy levels & reduce symptoms of many an ailment or disease.

Tests have indeed proven for Noni to significantly strengthen and improve cellular generation and activity. Exactly this is the reason why Noni benefits people (and animals) displaying a huge variety of problems regarding health and wellbeing.

Not every one benefits. Not every ailment will improve. Still, Dr. Neil Solomon (Dr. med., Dr. phil. and a widely acknowledged specialist in nutritional medicine at medical faculties of several U.S.A. universities) followed 10,000 patients, whilst they were taking Noni.

ConditionSuccess Rate
Primary Active
Reduction in allergy symptoms84%Xeronin
Arthritis, pain reduction,
increased movement
Improved breathing77%Xeronin Xeronin
Depression, less symptoms77%Xeronin
Improved digestion89%Xeronin
Increased energy92%Xeronin
Clearer thinking88%Xeronin
Heartdisease, less symptoms80%Xeronin
Reduced blood pressure85%Scopoleitin
Improvement of kidney infections67%Xeronin
Regenerating muscle tissue71%Protein
Reduction in excess weight75%Xeronin
Reduction of pain including
Increased sexual drive87%Xeronin
Improved sleep pattern73%Xeronin
Stopped smoking58%Xeronin
Stress easier manageable72%Xeronin

Groups of animals have also been tested, showing significant improvements. These results undermine any possible placebo effect. Noni can be taken together with medication & frequently stimulates their positive effect and often reduces side effects.

There is no risk during pregnancy. I would however recommend not to take Noni during the initial 3 months of pregnancy when the foetus settles itself and the pregnancy goes through its most vulnerable stage. After that both mother and child are generating millions of cells, which is precisely the main reason for Noniís healing properties.

Again according to the clinical observations of Dr. Solomon less than 5% of his patients showed unpleasant side effects like slight allergic reaction or fluid stool. This can be part of the necessary detoxification and generally stops about 70 hours after commencing the Noni programme. When in doubt, feel free to contact us.

Noni cleared my troubled feet, suffering from spots and occasional itchiness. I tried several methods to no avail. The first bottle of Noni (a present from German friends) cleared the skin almost completely. For 6 weeks after that I didnít take any juice and the spots returned ever so slightly.

To me the proof is in the pudding. What benefits my health, will benefit yours on the cellular level.

The price per botttle is £24.90 when purchased from me.