GROUP 16 will run from August 2018 - May 2019. The dates for the 7 residential weeks are:

WEEK 1 September 1st - 5th

WEEK 2 October 13th - 16th

WEEK 3 November 17th - 20th

WEEK 4 January 12th - 15th

WEEK 5 February 16th - 19th

WEEK 6 March 23rd - 26th

WEEK 7 May 4th - 7th

Demand surpassed availability every season, hence, if you feel drawn to the program, do not delay.

Student healers practising healing techniques on each other with
course co-ordinator Tjitze de Jong assisting the unfolding process.

In 1985 my people orientated career started as social worker in The Netherlands, after which I took the risk of becoming self-employed as massage therapist in 1993.

Graduating from the BARBARA BRENNAN SCHOOL OF HEALING in Florida in 2001 and "advanced studies" (formerly known as teacher training) at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2007, gave me the chance to either be employed at her school or take the plunge and start my own. The latter I did. Eight students started a 5 week programme and after 3 weeks unanimously asked for an extension. And so the 7 week course was born. At present thirteen groups have graduated. They roll from one amazement to the next and their budding empowerment is for me awesome to witness. Students experience it as an intense journey, which requires a strong sense of commitment. Elsewhere on the website you can read some of their feedback.

Do realise however, that at the beginning of August acceptance packets will be sent to participants, including the first homework assignment. Written assignments need to be returned 10 days prior to the first course date. Therefore it is important to sign up sooner rather than later.

The introduction weekends are not part of the overall programme and are not compulsory. They do give you a sound taste of what lies ahead however and are highly recommended.

It is important to have Barbara Brennan’s books “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging” in your possession.


Student healer holding/charging chakras 4 & 5 in practise
session during one of the residential study weeks


HEALING TECHNIQUES for yourself and others focus mainly on the aura and chakra system and their impact on and relationship to the physical body. Energetically we’ll also expand way beyond our individual self and bridge the realms of humanity and higher evolved beings, via hara alignment and core essence.

HIGH SENSE PERCEPTION exercises to familiarise yourself with your unique HSP. Remembering your HSP and learning to trust it and listen to it will strongly support and challenge you to develop your immense potential.

PROCESS WORK is a vital ingredient to help you recognise any images and belief systems you have internalised, which hamper your life force and hence life’s quality and which restrict energy flow, also during healings.

MEDITATIONS will sharpen your skills of self observation, of awareness of the here and now and of being still and listening. Being still and listening are such important ingredients in healing work.

CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION exercises allow you to experience life and its higher frequencies of being when travelling through higher universal realms, whilst remaining fully present in your physical body.

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS. Reading and written homework prepares you for the study week and sets a template for what lies ahead, so that the actual course week will be of maximum benefit.

GUINEA PIG SESSIONS are an important part of your homework to practise skills and become familiar with as many different individuals’ energies as possible with yourself in the position/role of healer.

THERAPY SESSIONS are a must in between weeks to deepen your process as well as support it. Fourteen sessions are required and your therapist needs to have a generally recognised qualification in psychotherapy or counselling.


Groups are limited to ten people, thus encouraging safety and individual attention, hence increasing participants’ benefits.

Programmes start 9.30 and finish 17.00

A few rules and requests:
Please honour confidentiality to create a safe space for sharing
Bring pen and paper and food for lunch
Wear loose, comfortable clothing and please no perfumes or hairspray

The total cost of the 29 days of teaching is £2,490,--, including coffee/tea/snacks. On receipt of completed booking form and release waiver and a non-refundable deposit of £490,-- your place is secured. The remaining £2,000,-- to be paid by the 16th August, either by cash, cheque or directly into my COOP bank account:
Sortcode: 089066
Accounr nr: 04430061
International money transactions:
IBAN: GB43CPBK08906604430061

About a month prior to the starting date of week 1 you’ll receive an acceptance packet with explanatory letter, homework and therapy form.

Once you complete the course successfully, several insurance companies are prepared to cover your treatments for liability insurance.

For any other information or requests, just ring or email, also regarding any of our other services: weekend workshops, individual sessions, etc.

The first group of graduated students finished their 10 month journey in June 2008


Just some of the feedback after week one of "BODIES OF LIGHT" in September 2007.

"This week far exceeded my expectations"

"It was amazing"

"Beautiful how the different exercises follow on from each other"

"Incredible how expanded I felt and how I was able to step by step come back to myself. That is totally new for me".

Extract from one of the homework assignments of a student at the beginning of 'Advanced Bodies of Light':

“At a spiritual fair recently a respected psychic came over to me after watching me work and told me she hadn't seen a healer as powerful or as competent as me for a very long time. She was blown away by the way I healed from my heart.”

“The best part of healing work for me right now is having an open heart overflowing with unconditional love. When a client is releasing a painful or difficult blockage I hear beautiful soft words of encouragement and support coming from me, I've softened and it's wonderful. Words can't describe how amazing it feels for me to give love, receive love and to be love after years of fear and pain. This also spills over to my personal life, it is bliss.”


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