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LOVE OR LUST I (according to Charlotte)
LOVE OR LUST II (according to Fergus)
LOVE OR LUST III (according to Rhanna)

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As soon as I was able to read, which was at a pretty early age, I devoured books. Birthday presents? Books. Sinterklaas presents? Books. At nineteen I landed myself in paradise by becoming employed in a bookshop.

Inspired by meeting authors, I picked up pen and paper and experimented, writing in my mother tongue, the ancient Frisian language. A newspaper published some poetry, twice I won the Rely Jorritsma award for short stories, for a students' magazine ('De Harpe' published by the Students' Society 'Bernlef' in the city of Groningen) I started to write book reviews and co-organised many evenings with renowned authors. All of the above resulted in an invitation to join in co-editing the literature magazine 'Hjir'.

Gradually more publications followed, including a novel:
'PIZZA'S OF BOEREMOES' (Koperative Utjowerij, Boalsert, FR, 1988), ISBN 90-6570-197-4.

In the meantime I left the world of book trading in the knowledge, that I could surround myself with books and literature by other means and in 1989 life changed radically: I graduated as Social Worker and emigrated to the spiritual community of Findhorn in Scotland. Involvement with people took over from books and literature.

Two full decades later, during the winter of 2009-2010, a friend wished to explore her creativity through writing. I volunteered to help her along the way and set up a schedule for a novel: 12 chapters, characters and their development, geographical location and we started writing. Circumstances changed and I ended up finishing the novel myself within three months. The well of creativity had been awakened once more with two big differences:

pen, paper and typewriter have been replaced by laptop, memory sticks and the like.
social work, massage, energetic cellular healing together with therapy have softened my defences tremendously and I am much more deeply affected by my characters and their predicaments up to the point that I find myself sobbing in front of the screen at times, simultaneously enriching the written material.

'LOVE OR LUST I (according to Charlotte)' was born.

Two months after completing the novel I knew the story was not finished as yet. Just before Christmas 2010, whilst performing cancer treatments in Wales, book three finished under showers of tears. Its main character rose straight from my heart and soul:

LOVE OR LUST III (according to Rhanna)

Book number two in the trilogy saw the light of day in May 2011, hence after completing number III:

LOVE OR LUST II (according to Fergus)


About a month ago, on a Friday just after 5 o'clock in the afternoon, I felt weary after a full week of performing healings. I was alone, didn't feel like cooking and took the bus to Inverness. The Indian restaurant 'Cinnamon' is relaxed and therefore relaxing.
I had taken pen and paper with me to see if another novel wished to be born. If so, would it result in something along similar lines as the previous three or was a totally different concept wishing to emerge?

I had a great time and left the restaurant three hours later with the first eight chapters set up of a totally different kind of project.


The novel, wishing to be born, progresses and has reached 60.000 words. Developments and intrigue surpass my own imagination by far.
Watch this space.


The novel 'DIVIDED LOYALTIES' has been finished, edited and will this week be forwarded to various publishers and literary agents. 84.000 words and one of the editors, whom I had asked to come up with a title, changed his mind about twenty times during the process, because the story line changes and shifts continuously. The final title is my own.

6 JANUARY 2015

Last November three publishers received the first three chapter and synopsis of "DIVIDED LOYALTIES", as well as a short biography. Whilst we were in South Africa during the month December, two of the three asked for the entire manuscript to be forwarded so as to enter the final selection stage for publication. Well, this IS promising. Watch this space.

16 JUNE 2016
One publisher wished to publish the above mentioned novel under the condition that I pay most of the production cost. When checking their website, I discovered how unprofessional looking their publications were and halted the process. Up to now I haven't taken publication any further.
After attending an informative evening at Forres Town Hall last Summer, the idea of writing a historic novel sprouted forth, located mainly in our area about a millennium ago. A fever took hold of me once I immersed myself in the material. The rough version counts over 190.000 words at present. Another six chapters. This historical theme is far more accessible to a general and global public than previous novels. Again ..... watch this space.


The BACK COVERS of the three self-published novels read as follows:

LOVE OR LUST I (according to Charlotte):

In her mid-fifties Charlotte tries to escape decades of stifling marriage and leaves London with its luxury and hypocrisy. She settles in the Highlands and finds herself in a land of legends, myths and folklore, on the back of a quad-bike, live on BBC TV and chasing independence, empowerment and sexual fulfillment.

LOVE OR LUST II (according to Fergus):

In his mid-twenties the stoic and down-to-earth Fergus battles with sheep and snow and split loyalties. Sexual awakening heals him initially, then confuses him and tears him apart. Does he have a choice in the unfolding of his own life or is there no other choice than to follow fate.

LOVE OR LUST III (according to Rhanna)

In her mid-twenties and of Pictish descent Rhanna is stunningly enchanting. She lives the life of fauns and fairies, of myths and legends with her concerts, compositions and her harp. But, what really inspires her and drives her forward, is the search, if not hunt, for healing, sexual healing.