Weekend Workshops

The workshops can be seen as a deepening and widening of individual sessions. Also via group work I am able to reach more people.
Finally, a group gives more/other opportunities for exchanging eye-opening feedback and for issues to become conscious which otherwise easily remain subconscious.
It remains a true privilege facilitating people’s growing awareness on their long and winding road to a more fulfilling and empowered life.

BODIES OF LIGHT (Introduction Weekend)

In June 2007 I graduated from "Advanced Studies" (formerly known as teacher training) at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. My calling to complete this extra two years of studying was largely rooted in the passion I felt when leading “Bodies of Light”, which has now become the introduction weekend: Amazing to see how participants keep amazing themselves in what they are unknowingly capable of.
Experimenting with your own and other people’s energetic make-up, your high sense perception and (hopefully) unbiased curiosity, we create weekends, which strengthen intuition, self-esteem and the ability to perceive yourself and others as light-beings. Gradually over the weekend we expand our awareness and our field of perception and will finish with exchanging full healings.
Much of the aura and chakra work is based upon the books “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging” by Barbara Brennan. I recommend reading chapters 7-10 and 22 from “Hands of Light” prior to the workshop.


How nourished/nurtured did you feel during the very early stages of your life? Or how undernourished/undernurtured?

How freely were you allowed to express your initial creative impulses? Or did parents/teachers/siblings limit you? Were you encouraged to be creative? Was your creativity crushed, judged, laughed at?

Come and explore how your wounded inner child still plays a vital role in your perception of your surroundings, relationships and of your sense of self, i.e. self-esteem. Come and explore how (part of) the wounding can be healed and how also you can catch up upon nourishment, nurturing, creativity, etc. during adulthood.


Otherwise known as "spirit's core" workshop.

For this weekend no reading is essential. I will read to you! You’ll be taken on a journey into your pain and underlying fear via your heart’s longing into the tranquil acceptance and universal expansion of your spirit's core. After journeying as a group, the space is open for individual travels, during which your unique process will be supported, enriched (and maybe challenged) by your co-participants. A weekend mainly filled with sharing and supporting each other on the emotional level, at the end of which a large proportion of the participants leave our home in a state of expanded bliss.

CHARACTEROLOGICAL DEFENCES and how to soften them.

Based upon the work of Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen, John Pierrakos and Barbara Brennan.

When I lived in the Findhorn Community, this workshop proved to be the most popular one. Various people have taken this one twice or even thrice, due to its deeply transformational impact.
Most of us are in defence most of the time. This weekend will support you in discovering the why and the how of life’s defences, based upon the 5 main character structures and their influence on your physique, your spiritual (dis)connection, your emotional and mental state of being. Theory will lay a foundation for both serious and playful interaction. A weekend filled with laughter, tears, boundaries and above all discoveries about yourself and people in general. Useful reading chapter 13 of “Hands of Light” and 15 of “Light Emerging”.


The board game has its roots in Findhorn. You see yourself walking your life path, whilst remaining focused on a specific playing purpose. Via insights, setbacks, intuition, depression, miracles and support from your co-participants and from the angelic realm you'll experience your life's patterns, beliefs and images first hand. Many a subconsciously held issue becomes conscious. Hence clarity increases regarding your (self-limiting) attitude towards others and yourself.

During one of the last game weekends only 4 moves took place: nothing moved everything shifted.


  • Workshops are limited to 10 people only, thus encouraging safety and individual attention, hence increasing participants’ benefits.
  • Programs start @ 9.30 and finish @ 17.00

A few rules and requests:

  1. Please honour confidentiality to create a safe space for sharing.
  2. Bring pen and paper and food for lunch.
  3. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and please no perfumes or hairspray.
  4. The course fee is £125,--. A non-refundable deposit of £40,-- secures your place and needs to be paid at latest one week prior to the workshop. The balance to be settled on arrival.