• Books

    A gradual development


    As soon as I was able to read, I devoured books and at nineteen I landed myself in paradise by becoming employed in a bookshop.

    Inspired by meeting authors, I picked up pen and paper and experimented, writing in my mother tongue, Frisian. A newspaper published some poetry, twice I won the Rely Jorritsma award for short stories and one novel followed: 'PIZZA'S OF BOEREMOES' (Koperative Utjowerij, Boalsert, FR, 1988), ISBN 90-6570-197-4.


    Two full decades later, a friend wished to explore her creativity through writing. I volunteered to set up a schedule for a novel: 12 chapters, characters and their development, geographical location and we started writing. Circumstances changed and I ended up finishing the novel myself, which resulted in writing the trilogy LOVE OR LUST.


    After the trilogy several other titles have seen the light of day, non-fiction as well as fiction.

  • Non-Fiction

    Two titles on the same subject; with 10 years of added experience in between publication dates

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    "Energetic Cellular Healing and CANCER

    Energetic dynamics in daily life, in relationships and how these can bring on psycho-somatic disorders, including cancer ... and ... how these can be remedied. Fifteen real-life clients' stories illustrate and confirm theories.


    Published February 2021: "Energetic Cellular Healing and CANCER - treating the Emotional Imbalances at the root of Disease" (Findhorn Press, Scotland & Inner Tradition, USA)​​


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    Cancer | A Healer's Perspective

    Several touchingly beautiful reviews have been placed on the amazon website; "ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS ON THE SUBJECT I HAVE EVER READ", according to one review .


    Published 2011: "CANCER, a Healer's Perspective - Stories, Insights and Messages of Hope"

  • Fiction

    My life's creative passion is writing fiction; I simply LOVE it.

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    Uninvited Guest, Unexpected Gifts - a journey through breast cancer

    Published November 2020:



    Many women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer will recognise themselves in the main character.


    The main character is a woman in her mid-thirties, who works in a bank, sings in a choir and lives a very normal life. Some seven years earlier she lost her mother after a long and painful battle with cancer.

    When she discovers a lump in her breast, all her fears come true and haunt her. It takes a while before she picks up the courage to consult her doctor, but once she takes the step, the young woman is being catapulted into the rigmarole of oncology appointments, tests, scans and their results. She struggles hugely, especially during the series of chemo therapy.

    How can she cope with the emotional onslaught? How does she deal with her mental upheaval? Where will she find the faith or the support to continue living despite the negativity life confronts her with?


    We follow the young woman intimately with all her ups and downs, with all her disappointments and celebrations, with all her emotional outbursts and questioning. Many female readers will be able to recognise themselves in the character and may well find support in the journey portrayed here.

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    ​The Wife of Macbeth

    An 800 page intriguing historical novel playing in medieval Scotland.



    In our local town of Forres (Grampian, Scotland), where one of the butchers is called Macbeth, I was present at the premiere of the documentary ‘The Real Macbeth’ in the Town Hall in 2015.


    When I heard what kind of life his wife Gruoch had lived alongside Macbeth, it made me wonder how she might have coped with all she’d been forced to face in her turbulent life. That wondering inspired me to write this novel.


    Historically not many details are known about Gruoch. Her mother was Irish and died young. Her father was Mormaer or Lord or Earl of Abernethy, a coastal region to the northeast of Edinburgh. Her grandfather, King Kenneth III, had been murdered by a rival clan as was so often the case in medieval Scotland. As far as I’m aware, after Macbeth’s death nothing is known about the final stages of Gruoch’s life.


    Therefore, much of the storyline is based upon the life of King Macbeth for the simple reason that a king’s life is being recorded in more detail, generally speaking. Their journey to Scotland’s throne and their joint reign of 17 years has been described in great detail.

    Living on the banks of River Findhorn for the last 15 years, my bedroom window provides a glorious view, which includes Cluny Hill, apparently the sight of one of their main forts.



    Her dramatic birth, after which her father christens his daughter Gruoch (meaning ‘Sorrow’ in Gaelic), and her royal lineage as granddaughter of the murdered King Kenneth III, set the scene for life in Scotland’s eleventh century. Scotland’s throne is surrounded by a continuous battlefield of intrigue and strive, of scheming and plotting, of poisoning and backstabbing.

    We follow Gruoch’s life intimately as girl and woman with all her fears, insecurities and ambitions. Little is known of how and in how far she has influenced King Macbeth before and during his 17 years on the throne. Even less is known of the physical, emotional and mental turmoil she lived through.

    More than anything, she strived for peace in Scotland and for women to be able to occupy a more equal position within the ranks of nobility and royalty. Which wishes will turn into reality and in how far will Gruoch be able to gain and maintain power as a woman?

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    LOVE OR LUST Trilogy:

    The topic 'love or lust' explored from the point of view of three totally different characters


    Love or Lust I - (according to Charlotte)

    In her mid-fifties Charlotte tries to escape decades of stifling marriage and leaves London with its luxury and hypocrisy. She settles in the Highlands and finds herself in a land of legends, myths and folklore, on the back of a quad-bike, live on BBC TV and chasing independence, empowerment and sexual fulfillment.

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    Love or Lust II (according to Fergs)

    In his mid-twenties the stoic and down-to-earth Fergus battles with sheep and snow and split loyalties. Sexual awakening heals him initially, then confuses him and tears him apart. Does he have a choice in the unfolding of his own life or is there no other choice than to follow fate.

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    Love or Lust III (according to Rhanna)

    In her mid-twenties and of Pictish descent Rhanna is stunningly enchanting. She lives the life of fauns and fairies, of myths and legends with her concerts, compositions and her harp. But, what really inspires her and drives her forward, is the search, if not hunt, for healing, sexual healing.