• Healing School

    From 2007 - 2020 the BODIES OF LIGHT program attracted students from all over the world and supported me in fulfilling one of my life purposes. It really has been a truly fascinating journey for the participants as well as for the teacher.

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    Tjitze's Energetic & Cellular Healing School (TECHS)



    Below you can read some of The BODIES OF LIGHT content. As you can see, the course entailed an in-depth 10 month process for all participants.


    HEALING TECHNIQUES for yourself and others focus mainly on the aura and chakra system and their impact on and relationship to the physical body. Energetically we’ll also expand way beyond our individual self and bridge the realms of humanity and higher evolved beings, via hara alignment and core essence.


    HIGH SENSE PERCEPTION exercises to familiarise yourself with your unique HSP. Remembering your HSP and learning to trust it and listen to it will strongly support and challenge you to develop your immense potential.


    PROCESS WORK is a vital ingredient to help you recognise any images and belief systems you have internalised, which hamper your life force and hence life’s quality and which restrict energy flow, also during healings.

    MEDITATIONS will sharpen your skills of self observation, of awareness of the here and now and of being still and listening. Being still and listening are such important ingredients in healing work.


    CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION exercises allow you to experience life and its higher frequencies of being when travelling through higher universal realms, whilst remaining fully present in your physical body.


    HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS. Reading and written homework prepares you for the study week and sets a template for what lies ahead, so that the actual course week will be of maximum benefit.


    GUINEA PIG SESSIONS are an important part of your homework to practise skills and become familiar with as many different individuals’ energies as possible with yourself in the position/role of healer.


    THERAPY SESSIONS are a must in between weeks to deepen your process as well as support it. Fourteen sessions are required and your therapist needs to have a generally recognised qualification in psychotherapy or counselling.



    The content of ADVANCED B.O.L. was as follows:



    Whereas we formerly worked mostly on levels 1-4, the previously taught techniques will be extended to include all 7 levels.

    Totally new is organ restructuring on all 7 levels.


    Also new is how to sense, trace, strengthen and repair relational cords.

    A big part of the course will be about receiving guidance and allowing yourself to be an instrument of healing for guides to perform spiritual surgery via your hands.


    You'll learn in great depth how to support clients when they have been diagnosed with cancer. This includes a variation of techniques as well as fine tuning of counseling skills around this specific topic.

  • Healing School - Directory of Graduates - Advanced Bodies of Light

    Graduates of Tjitze's Energetic Healing School - most of whom are available for you to book sessions

    Marlene Cruckshank (Elgin, Scotland, UK)

    Bernat Esteve (Catalonia, Spain)

    Daniela Zapf (Findhorn, Scotland, UK)

    Michael Currie

    email: mmichaelsunshine@aol.com tel: +447711 997172

    Kate Bevan-Baker (Black Isle, Scotland, UK)

    email: katebbmassage@gmail.com tel: +447854 085654

    Denise Harkamp (Netherlands)

    Karen Kamp (Nairn, Scotland, UK)

    tel: +447453 687378

    Maxine Heggie (Forres, Scotland)

    email: max.heggie@gmail.com tel: +447793-726570

    Fiona Malcolm (Scotland, UK)

    Simon Power (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

    Christine Walker (Leeds, UK)

    email: chris@luminousegg.org tel: +447980 300803

    Helena Borseth (Forres, Scotland, UK)

    email: helenaborseth@hotmail.co.uk t: +441309 358428

    Owen Okie (Garve, Scotland)

    email: owenokie@integralherbalism.com t: +441852 - 613240

    Nancy Praet (Brugge, Belgium)

    email: panayanan@gmail.com tel: +32474025881

    Volker Twer (Germany)

    Christopher Berg (Forres, Scotland)

    email: powerofempathy@gmail.com tel: +447794 889219

    Ruth Zudaire (Wilhelm, Germany & Findhorn, Scotland)

    Paul Ditchburn (West Cumbria, England)

    Mobile: +447800 717997

    Evert Vanthoor (Findhorn, Scotland)

    Celia Smith (Forres, Scotland)

    email: celiafs@btinternet.com Tel: +441309 675724

    Monique Lohmann (Bonn, Germany)

    Kristina Baumann (Bremen, Germany)

    email: kontakt@kbaumann-praxis.de Tel: +49421 69628846

    Lauren Backler

    email: laurenbackler@hotmail.co.uk Tel: +447776-031114

    Tina Murt (Cornwall, England)

    email: murtytina@live.com tel: +441326 - 574451

    Rastislav Sameliak (Scotland & Slovakia)

    Alfie Spencer (Blairgowrie, Scotland)

    Email: aspenhealing@gmail.com tel: +441575 - 560332

    Marnee Wood (Manchester, England)

    Tel: +44 7969 877660

    William S Baker (Cumbria, England)

    Email: billyb3@live.co.uk Tel: +441900 67873

    Tove Boegner (Findhorn, Scotland)

    Email: tove.boegner@btopenworld.com Tel: +441309 691646

    Nadasree Georgete Gadas (Brasil)

    Email: georgete@hotmail.co.uk Tel: +447596 145741

    John Charles McGregor (Lancaster, England)

    Marjolein Post (Zutphen, The Netherlands)

    email: marjo.post@solcon.nl Tel: 003106 1302 4907


    Jacqueline Randall

    Michael Ridley (Cumbria, England)

    Email: m.ridley@cybermoor.org.uk Tel: +441434-381597

    Keith I Rowswell (Findhorn, Scotland)

    Email: keithirowswell@hotmail.com Tel: +44 1309 690011

    Jaquie Segrove (Nottingham, England)

    Email: joy@jaquiesegrove.co.uk Tel: +447583 297924

    Elaine Silverfire (Forres, Scotland)

    email: elaine.silverfire@gmail.com tel: +44 7837 368997

    Sheila Gibbons

    Email: om.sheilag@gmail.com tel: +44 75957 28554

    Joanne Grylls

    Email: joannegrylls@hotmail.co.uk tel: +441429 294988

    Amelie Guyot (Cape Town, South Africa)

    Email: amelie_guyot@hotmail.com tel: +27 84 8398425

    Jai Hutton

    email: jamesandsarah88@btinternet.com tel: +44 1309 691624

    Ned Jones

    Email: ned@edwardjones.fsbusiness.co.uk tel: +44 7973 852276

    Maren Koopmann (Luneberg, Germany)

    Email: koopmann@lebens-praxis.com tel: +49 1578 3901775

    Anna-Kristina Larsson

    email: anna_kristina_l@hotmail.com tel: +44 7966 033460

    Michelle McGauchie

    email: fluidfossils@hotmail.com tel: +44751 404 2799

    Janet Norman

    email: janetnorman@mail.com tel: +44 7725 998752

    Rachel Oberdorf

    email: orachele@gmail.com tel: +44 7796 167106

    Alice Weibull (Amal, Sweden)

    Email: aliceweibull@googlemail.com Tel: +46 736 578224

    Steve Cooper

    Contact details withheld currently

    Jacob Slevin

    Contact details withheld currently

    Tina Thiem

    Contact details withheld currently

  • Healing School - Directory of Graduates - Bodies of Light (Foundation)

    Graduates of Tjitze's Energetic Healing School - most of whom are available for you to book sessions

    Jill Martin (East Midlans, England)

    email: enpsyc@outlook.com tel: 07967 - 650361

    Philippa Jeffrey (Findhorn, Glasgow, Cornwall, France)

    email: philippajeffery@gmail.com tel: 07562 694520

    Bettina Falkenberg (London)

    email: bettina@taptoflow.com +447913 342533

    Bettina Falkenberg (London)

    email: xngr@gvzr4zr.bet.hx tel: 07814-771352

    Katharina Wulf (Hamburg, )

    email: katharina.wulf@hamburg.de +49 4031812345

    Sarah Farrington

    Mary Kirkpatrick (Iowa)

    email: patchworkmary@msn.com +1319430 0861

    Sheona Davidson

    Angela E. Hancock

    email: angela.han@hotmail.co.uk tel: +447946-088074

    Helena O'Loughlin

    email: helenaoloughlin@icloud.com tel: +353-8726-13355

    Martin Pentenrieder (Munich, Germany)

    Evert Vanthoor (Findhorn, Scotland)

    Hilary Cooper (Lincoln, England)

    email: hilarycooper@live.co.uk Tel: +441507 824632

    Paula Roberts

    email: paularoberts1970@gmail.com Tel: +1340 810620

    Paula Fionnuala (Forres, Scotland)

    email: paularoberts1970@gmail.com Tel: +1340 810620

    Pam Hardy (Cheshire, England)

    email: paularoberts1970@gmail.com Tel: +1340 810620

    Catherine Rigney (Sydney, Australia)

    Email: catheriner.home@hotmail.com Tel: +61 2 94530827

    Pam Hardy (Cheshire, England)

    email: paularoberts1970@gmail.com Tel: +1340 810620

    Elisabeth Straussenberg (Findhorn, Scotland)

    email: elisabethstraussenburg@gmx.de tel: +441309 - 674107

    Sand Williamson

    email: sand7744@hotmail.co.uk tel: +447813 445295

    Elly Chrichton Stuart

    email: ellycstuart@gmail.com tel: +441309 671560

    Jacque Droogan

    email: jacquedroogan@hotmail.co.uk Tel: +447909 993117

    Monique Lohmann (Forres, Scotland)

    Email: monique.lohmann@gmail.com Tel: +447840 982208

    Toni Lynch (Glasgow, Scotland)

    email: toni.lynch@btinternet.com tel: +44 7775 857855

    Tina Murt (Kinloss)

    email: murtytina@live.com tel: +44 7923 974016

    Melissa Sandoval

    Email: mcsandoval@yahoo.co.uk Tel: +447947 621764

    Rob Segrove

    email: rsegrove@hotmail.com Tel: +447791 344914

    Maria Craig (Findhorn, Scotland)

    email: maria@dccraig.com tel: +447881 621290

    Nadasree Georgete Gadas (Findhorn, Scotland)

    Email: georgete@hotmail.co.uk Tel: +447596 145741

    Emma Hobson (London, Surrey, Middlesex)

    Email: emmachobson@hotmail.co.uk Tel: +447825 984644

    Tara Lamont

    Email: taralamont@yahoo.com Tel: +447825 984644

    Emma Hobson

    Email: taralamont@yahoo.com Tel: +447825 984644

    Marijka ter Morsch

    Tel: 07940 175847 and 01289 382802

    Jackie Pond (Findhorn, Elgin, Scotland)

    Email: jackie@wholeheartedhealing.co.uk Tel: +447795 999761

    Michael Ridley (Cumbria, England)

    Email: m.ridley@cybermoor.org.uk Tel: +441434-381597

    Heather Ripley

    Tel: +44770 480 5696

    Elaine Silverfire (Forres, Scotland)

    email: elaine.silverfire@gmail.com Tel: +447837 368997

    Ronald Staal (Capetown, South Africa)

    Tove Boegner (Forres, Scotland)

    Carin Bolles (Findhorn, Scotland)

    Email: carinbolles@yahoo.com Tel: +441309 - 690193


    Sandra Brickill (Findhorn (Scotland)

    Email: sandrabrickill@yahoo.co.uk Tel: +447917 451443

    Shilanu Keidel-Weber (Forres, Scotland)

    email: ei_la_re_ka@web.de Tel: +441309 673422

    Yvonne Khoo J-Lyn

    Email: khoojlyn@ymail.com tel: +447788-857170

    Jane P. Sorfleet

    Tel: 01978 - 710484

    Ian Adam

    email: i.adam88@btinternet.com tel: 01337 857857

    Michelle Aminoff

    William S Baker (Cumbria, England)

    Email: billyb3@live.co.uk Tel: 01900 67873


    Fiona Blackie (Kinross, Scotland)

    Lesley Downie (Findhorn, Scotland)

    Email: lesley@avoiceforbabies.co.uk Tel: +441309 691671


    Rita Froesch (Burghead, Scotland)

    Mark & Elaine Harris (Ross-shire, Scotland)

    Email: info@neutral-line.org.uk tel: 01862 842684



    Sylvia Black (Findhorn, Scotland)

    Tel:01309 690064


    Kate Herbert

    Email: k8mandu@hotmail.com Mob:07599 722461

    Dave Horrigan (Middlesborough, England)

    Tel:01642 594769

    Sue Miles

    Tel:01309 678079

    Kim Rose

    Tel:01931 715425 or 01768 866030

    Paul Smith

    Tel:01931 715425 or 01768 866030

    Iain Campbell (Findhorn, Scotland)

    Email: iaincampbell1@mac.com Tel: 01309 690446

    Richard Cherns (Edinburgh, Scotland)

    Email: richard.cherns@lineone.net Tel: 07974 421319

    Anna Macleod (Glasgow, Scotland)

    Email: anna.macleod@talk21.com Tel: 0141 942 3993

    Petra Mester (DX Breda, The Netherlands)

    Email: petramester@hotmail.com Tel: +31-6106-48114

    Barbara Stainton (Glasgow, Scotland)

    Email: barbara.stainton@tiscali.co.uk Tel: +44141 339 7382

    Barbara Williams

    Lucy Thomas (Findhorn, Scotland)

    Email: walkourtalk@tiscali.co.uk tel: +447833 993107

    Jennifer Cowan

    Tel: 07515 825876

    Alison Christie (Aberdeen, Scotland)

    Tel: 07934 098839

    Kate McDuff

    Email: ordinary.mystic@protonmail.com Tel: 07981 769419

    Lianne Milligan

    Janet Norman

    Tel: 07725 998752


    Heidi Oravasaari

    Email: oceanheidi@yahoo.co.uk Tel:+447713 743444


    Helen Kirk

    Contact details withheld currently

    Tineke Brinkorst

    Contact details withheld currently

    Thor Shei

    Contact details withheld currently

    Karen Luedtke

    Contact details withheld currently

    Jenn Rogers

    Contact details withheld currently

    Lauren Backler

    Contact details withheld currently

    James Elliot

    Contact details withheld currently

    Sandra Riley

    Contact details withheld currently

    Ingrid Ung

    Contact details withheld currently

    James Elliot

    Contact details withheld currently

    Vaughan Max Roberts

    Contact details withheld currently

    Mari Winkleman

    Contact details withheld currently

    Zoe Hobbs

    Contact details withheld currently