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    Energetic Cellular Healing and Massage

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    Energetic Cellular Healing

    During the first years of simply massaging, unusual phenomena occurred which I could not explain. Barbara Brennan’s book “Hands of Light” provided explanations. I graduated from her school in Miami in 2001 after a four year course and in 2007 I completed the two year Advanced Studies, graduating as a teacher in Brennan Healing Science. Graduating results in an American Bachelor degree, proving the mainstream recognition Barbara Brennan School of Healing has gained since it was founded in 1983.


    Barbara is widely acknowledged as one of the foremost revolutionary and psychic healers of our time, combining her scientific background (she worked at NASA, Houston for many years) with her highly developed extra-sensory abilities. Her books “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging” are global best-sellers.


    What you can expect during a session fully depends on your state of being and on where and how energies have become stagnated during this lifetime or previous ones. Via angelic and spiritual support we will journey into wounds, images and belief systems that undermine your health and joie de vivre. During our travels do realise that you are held safely in a sphere of unconditional love and light.

    Some of the techniques I’m using include:

    • Spiritual surgery.
    • Removal of astral objects or beings.
    • Clearing auric debris.
    • Restructuring and strengthening chakras and/or organs.
    • Contacting loved ones who have passed on.
    • Healing relational cords.

    Over the years my reputation has spread globally, especially regarding the treatment of cancer. In 2011 this inspired me to publish: CANCER, A HEALER'S PERSPECTIVE - INSIGHTS STORIES AND MESSAGES OF HOPE.


    A much more in depth work followed in 2021, published by Findhorn Press, Scotland & Inner Tradition, USA: ENERGETIC CELLULAR HEALING AND CANCER - TREATING THE EMOTIONAL IMBALANCES AT THE ROOT OF DISEASE. Both are non-fiction. One fictional title regarding my healing work saw the light of day in 2020: UNINVITED GUEST, UNEXPECTED GIFTS - A JOURNEY THROUGH BREAST CANCER.


    This is how the healing work has developed between 1994 and 2021. I prefer to work in person, face to face, but if circumstances don't allow you to visit my clinic, I happily work long distance.


    May my journey inspire you to also follow your heart, your longing, your soul's desire.


    N.B.: 'Forgotten sessions' or sessions cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the appointed time are to be paid for in full.


    For further insights into Tjitze's healing approach; please visit Articles & Interviews

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      • Relaxing: full body massage to release stress and tiredness and to make you feel more fully alive.
      • Remedial: partial body treatment, curing back pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, indigestion, etc.
      • Therapeutic: unblocking areas which hold onto painful memories and affect your well-being. It may include relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises.
    • Healing Books

      Through the years of treating clients, these three books have been published

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      A Review on Amazon:

      "The best I have ever read about energetic healing and a very good reference book for a TECHS healer.

      The energetic defense system of daily live character structures very well explained."

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      A Review on Amazon:

      "I couldn’t put this book down. Having come through cancer myself, I found so much in it that I could relate to. It is such a positive story, & I wish that everyone who is diagnosed with this disease could read it before having any kind of treatment! Highly recommend!"

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      A Review on Amazon:

      "I loved this book, it reads very easily and for me the contact was important. Everything Tjitze talks about I understand as I have myself learned this healing method, but not come across anyone who treated cancer successfully. Thank you"